Go Green Services

Andrew Tree Service achieves their eco-friendly approach by striving to be a paperless company through electronic billing and digital marketing, as well as recycling 100% of their tree debris.  They provide chips and wood to homeowners when possible, donate chips to local nurseries or community projects and take the majority of their tree debris to Mid-Michigan Recyclers.

Mid-Michigan Recycling is a leading wood waste company dedicated to the reuse, recycling and recovery of wood waste and other renewable materials for a renewable alternative fuel source. Wood waste is recycled at the Genesee Power Station for the generation of “green power” used by the residents of Michigan. 

Maintaining trees properly helps protect our environment.  Trees produce life-giving oxygen and remove air pollution as they lower air temperature, release moisture into the air, and retain particulates.

Andrew Tree Service will be instituting a "go green initiative" in 2010 by making a commitment to planting trees.  This will be done by donating them to local schools, parks, libraries, etc., throughout the year.

You can be confident that when you use Andrew Tree Service, you are doing your part to reuse our precious natural resources.